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Solitude – prompt Jan 27th

Where do I go when I want solitude? Well, here’s the thing, I THRIVE off of solitude. Too many people, too much noise and too much chaos really irritates me. I can take people, noise and chaos in limited amounts, when I can prepare myself for them. I work in a very chaotic and crowded environment, though it thankfully has some quiet moments for me to be able to regroup. As soon as I leave work, I walk and go to the open-air flea market stalls to be able to dig around in piles of stuff, occasionally finding a gem or two, and not have to talk to anyone. This is my retreat if I need some solitude, thrift shopping or going to a trade fair (pre-pandemic). My husband cannot understand how I can spend hours in a market all alone without getting bored. I don’t, I have freedom to go where I want, to linger or to pick up and leave, because I don’t have to think of someone else.

Solitude is freedom.


Published by 30yearsinitaly

American born, transplanted in Italy at the age of 19 in 1987. Been living here ever since. Italian husband, Italian son and Italian cat.

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