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Bloganuary Prompt 2

What is a road trip I would love to take? Honestly, I had to Google the definition of a road trip, apparently it is any trip done in a car. So. That said, my family takes a road trip every year to go on summer holiday as per the definition, but that doesn’t really seem like a proper road trip to me, the car is just the means to arrive at our destination, not the purpose of the trip.

A road trip, to me, would be like driving to visit every national park in the south west US, or going to the most important antique markets in Italy or anything where the travelling is the trip and not the destination.

That said, my idea for a great road trip would be a Thelma and Louise-ish drive (minus the guns, violence and flying off a cliff at the end) for a week or two with unlimited funds, exploring valleys and mountains, towns and cities, historical sites and flea markets. I could do this in the US or any other country I think. It would be fun to do this almost in any country. I would like to explore France or Germany and see all the castles, or Switzerland! I saw a tiktoc shot in Switzerland with a village nestled up against a huge mountain with a waterfall and snow in the background. How cool would it be to visit places like that for a few weeks?

I would LOVE to go on a world of Harry Potter road trip! Would it still be a road trip if I went by train?

And yes, I do realise that today is January 31st, but I didn’t know about Bloganuary until late last week, so I’m working my way through the prompts if I can.


Published by 30yearsinitaly

American born, transplanted in Italy at the age of 19 in 1987. Been living here ever since. Italian husband, Italian son and Italian cat.

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