Bloganuary Prompt 31

Whenever I look at the stars, which is generally when I’m on summer holiday in Croatia, I feel connected to the millennia of humans who looked at those same stars. The diamond-studded night time summer sky, arching over the dark sea, the only place that I can actually see the stars, brings me back toContinue reading “Bloganuary Prompt 31”

Bloganuary prompt 29

How am I changing the world? Hmm, gosh, this is a tough one. I am changing my own personal world by trying new things, such as blogging and posting as a blogger on social media. I am working on making videos, though I’m not very good at it so far. I am working cultivating innerContinue reading “Bloganuary prompt 29”


Growing up the only girl and second born of four children I would use books or stories in my own head to escape. Our family reality wasn’t the best economically or socially, myself and my brothers were stuck out in the countryside with miles and miles of mesquite, sand spurs and dirt between us andContinue reading “Escape”


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