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Books – Bloganuary Prompt 10

I am a voracious reader, I have been since I first learnt how to read, with the old-fashioned “Dick and Jane” books. I, as little Sara Crewe’s father said in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, “…she gobbles them up as if she were a little wolf instead of a little girl. She is alwaysContinue reading “Books – Bloganuary Prompt 10”

Travel – Bloganuary Prompt 14

I prefer to travel by train, especially since here in Italy it is the easiest mode of travel. The experience has changed since I moved here though, years ago all trains would wind through the countryside, sometimes slowing near small towns, speeding past open fields and mountains. The modern trains mostly run through underground tunnels,Continue reading “Travel – Bloganuary Prompt 14”

Joy – Bloganuary 5 “What Brings You Joy?”

Twinkly fairy or Christmas lights bring me joy. I would keep them up all year round, if I could. I remember when I visited Paris in the ’90’s, the trees on the Champs-Élysées were wound around with white lights, and I thought that it was the prettiest thing ever. Here in Bologna, in Via dell’IndipendenzaContinue reading “Joy – Bloganuary 5 “What Brings You Joy?””

Languages – Bloganuary Prompt 26 Jan 2023

I speak two languages, English mother-tongue and Italian. I can write fairly well in Italian, the grammar and syntax are a bit off though. I am a self-taught Italian speaker, which works only because I actually live in the country itself. I doubt that I would have learnt much more than the very Tarzan levelContinue reading “Languages – Bloganuary Prompt 26 Jan 2023”

What Is a Treasure That Has Been Lost? – Bloganuary 2023 prompt for January 4th

I think that we have lost time as in spare time, before cell phones and smart phones and internet, once you were out in the world, away from landlines, you were pretty much unreachable. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m as addicted to my smartphone and social media as the next Gen Xer, the technology has inContinue reading “What Is a Treasure That Has Been Lost? – Bloganuary 2023 prompt for January 4th”

Bloganuary 6 – Why Do You Write?

I write to let out all the thoughts that are constantly running around in my head. I am a lazy writer, I write in my head but the words rarely make it to being written down. I have this almost constant flow of words and thoughts, most of them worries or just questions, that sometimesContinue reading “Bloganuary 6 – Why Do You Write?”

What Is My Earliest Memory – Bloganuary Prompt 3

My earliest memory was in my family home in Illinois, walking on the carpet (wall to wall, of course) towards my father who was sitting on the couch, looking back at me. I was in the dining room area, going towards the front living room, the sofa was on my right with the back towardsContinue reading “What Is My Earliest Memory – Bloganuary Prompt 3”