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Bloganuary 20 – What Irritates You About the Home You Live In?

I live in a flat, on the third floor of a smallish appartment building. Don’t mind me, I can’t get my terms straight, having been born and raised in the South West US, transplanted to Italy and confusing the terminology of US, UK and Italian-to-English. Anyway, a 73 mt2 flat with two bedrooms, one bathContinue reading “Bloganuary 20 – What Irritates You About the Home You Live In?”

Bloganuary Prompt 31

Whenever I look at the stars, which is generally when I’m on summer holiday in Croatia, I feel connected to the millennia of humans who looked at those same stars. The diamond-studded night time summer sky, arching over the dark sea, the only place that I can actually see the stars, brings me back toContinue reading “Bloganuary Prompt 31”

What I’m Listening To – Prompt 28

I have loads of different artists on my playlist, Pink, Michael BublĂ©, Santana, musicals, ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s, Elton John, Spice Girls, Barbara Steisand, Bee Gees, U2, Steely Dan. When I listen to music, it is of all generes; rock, pop, blues, orchestral, so so many. The problem is that I don’t often listen toContinue reading “What I’m Listening To – Prompt 28”